25 years of Experience in payment transations

With its three subsidiaries ABK, EFiS and GEVA, Paymentgroup bundles its know-how in the area of payments. That’s 25 years of experience in payment transactions. During this time, we processed payment transactions reliably and successfully for our customers.

We want to continue our development and are at the pulse of the market. We have successfully incorporated the requirements of our customers into our solutions and thus continued to develop our services. But SEPA continues to drive us to Europe. We will follow this path. The foundation for this is laid by our first-class references in German-speaking countries. Therefore, we offer you to process your payment transactions for you. You can also operate the software yourself. Contact us!


Today, we process payments for one third of the DAX corporates. On top of that we serve well-known banks. We are familiar with both sides in the payment traffic – those of the banks and those of the corporates. This is beneficial because we understand why certain things happen. We explain that to you.

Software and operation from own hand

We develop our own software for payment transactions and run it ourselves for a large part of our customers. That‘s why we understand the processes and the software in detail. We bundle, transform, receive and send payments. We transport via SWIFT, EBICS, SIC, BACS and individual procedures. We use the optimal channel for the payment, whether bulk payments, instant payments, express payments or foreign payments.

Our services at a glance

SWIFT and more

Our service bureau offers SWIFT, EBICS, BACS, SIC and other procedures. Banks and Corporates can easily process payments. Amongst others, banks can reach T2, T2S, TIPS, STEP2 and RT1.

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From SaaS to BPO

We run our Transaction Platform for Banks and Corporates: from SaaS to BPO. All processes can be personalized individually.

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Transaction Platform

Our Transaction Platform works safely and reliably: for Instant Payments, SEPA, CGI or foreign payments. Convince yourself as a finance director, as a treasurer or as a banker.

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Added Values

The world continues to evolve. We explain to you the payment transactions of tomorrow. We are engaged in numerous committees and are up to date.

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Why choose Paymentgroup International?

We run our software for you.

We develop our software on our own.

We have 25+ years of experience with payment transactions.

We know both sides very well: Corporates and Banks.

We are engaged in numerous committees and we are your contact in topics regarding the future of payment transactions.

Contact Us

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