Paymentgroup International

Internationally and nationally operating banks and companies can choose the optimal solution for them from a wide range of products and services. In addition to our Transaction Platform, there are many other outsourcing and in-house solutions available. This guarantees flexibility right from the start, which is also reflected in the modular structure of our scalable Transaction Platform.
Through close cooperation with our customers, individual requirements lead to constant technological progress and thus increase the efficiency of our services.

As a Payment Logistics Partner, we offer you connectivity at all levels. Connectivity options range from SWIFT, EBICS and Host-to-Host to proprietary gateways such as SIC, SIAnet and BACS. Our SWIFT services have been part of our portfolio since 1997. As the first independent SWIFT service bureau in the euro area and second worldwide, we received the official SWIFT certification. The consistent quality of our work is confirmed by our Premier Operating Practice Level certification.
Paymentgroup International takes advantage of the merger of many experts from the payments industry to expand the product portfolio for all areas of payment transactions. Instant Payments, Mobile Payments, ISO 20022 (CGI-MP, XML Payments), Cash Management and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are all important topics.

With our trend-setting, individual solutions and the many years of experience of our committed employees, you receive services of the highest quality.

Know-how and competence united 

Corporate group

Paymentgroup International combines its expertise in payment transactions with ABK, EFiS and GEVA. The resulting synergy effects of the joint work lead to maximum efficiency in the service creation process and thus to a wider range of services.


With many years of expertise and experience from over 30 years of industry knowledge, the established provider of smart software solutions offers a transaction platform that meets all the requirements of national and international payment transactions.

The modular, high-performance and scalable software solution enables maximum flexibility and security in payment transactions.


Since 1990, EFiS, as a service company, has offered the services provided by ABK as an in-house solution as Software as a Service. Customers from the financial, industrial and retail sectors can access the services hosted in their own Green IT data center and take advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing. Likewise, all SWIFT products and services are offered via the EFiS SWIFT Service Bureau.


The company, which has been active on the market for years, is established in the business field of development and sales of innovative software solutions for the processing of worldwide payment transactions. As a solution partner for self-users, GEVA offers not only its solutions but also professional services such as project management, test management and others.

Partner companies

EFiS Swiss AG (former finexworks AG, founded in 2007), based in Zurich, serves the traditionally important Swiss financial market and offers a wide range of services around the topic of payment logistics.
This includes all SWIFT products and services. The data centers in Switzerland meet the highest security and availability standards.

With the two competencies XBRL and Text Analytics, diSCIS GmbH provides the basics for digitized business processes the goal of complete automation.
XBRL is an international standard for financial reporting and is used to automate the annual financial statements for credit rating to process banks. The text analysis automatically automates messages to the targeted companies, people and industries assigned. The content, with support from fuzzy logic, will be sent to sales events and risk notices such as Decision makers, M & A and new locations interpreted.

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