Modern technologies responsibly in use

Paymentgroup International operates its own Green IT data centres through EFiS. To meet the high demands of our customers, we use the z Systems mainframes from IBM, which impress with their reliability, scalability and performance. Thus, the fulfillment of the safety-relevant regulations, which must meet the highest standards especially for the banking world, can be guaranteed.

Schematic illustration of the data centre operation


The digital revolution and the associated increased demand for energy require the intelligent use of modern information and communication technologies. At this point, green IT is the key to greater efficiency, sustainability and the exploitation of existing energy potential.

EFiS uses solar energy on the roof of the building to use the energy gained to support the power supply of the data centre. As a rule, a large part of the power consumption is accounted for by cooling and ventilation of the hardware. Many data centres are still cooled down to about 22 degrees Celsius, although modern technology allows significantly higher temperatures. The mainframes used by IBM z Systems have been operated for years at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.


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