In the context of internationalization, the number and complexity of banking connections has increased significantly. It requires a cost-intensive application landscape and the corresponding know-how to operate bank connections yourself and is currently audit-proof
to keep. This challenge, coupled with sometimes error-prone manual processes, has led many banks to cost-effectively outsource the entire banking connectivity as a high-performance, high-availability and secure service.

In addition to a seamless connection to SWIFTNet, EFiS offers its customers valuable additional services such as:

  • Statement Service
  • National Clearing Formats
  • Method for e.g. Switzerland and onboarding support
  • Reconciliation
  • AML and compliance checks
  • Long-term and online archive
  • Duplicate detection
  • Extended voting
  • Direct SAP connection
  • Format transformation
  • Optional PCI certification
  • EBICS bank computer
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